ONLINE Zoom Private Reiki Session オンライン個人レイキセッション


Aren't you thinking that maybe it's better to stay home and not to go out very often, when you are still looking for any chance to receive Reiki individually at home, here is the answer for you.


<What do we do in this session?>

I will do distance Reiki to you during the session and listen to you what is your concern about your energy blockage, I can also answer any questions about your energy condition and other questions related to Reiki. I may also suggest you to touch your body to do some hands on technique, it is simple practice and I assist you to do self healing for you online. If you cannot participate the session but still want to receive distance Reiki from me, please also book this session, please let me know how do you need the distance Reiki, I will let you know what to do next. 


<How to apply this session and do I have to bring anything for this session?>

Please look for "English session" at the bottom of this page and click the button, find the right time slot for you and register, after you registered I will send you confirmation with zoom ID and password, you don't have to prepare anything special for this session, just appear on zoom, please turn on your video and audio.


<Who can get benefit from this session?>

◎If you want to release your stress and recover from exhaustion

◎If you have any worries that makes you unable to sleep nicely

◎If you want to experience Reiki and want to understand the benefit of Reiki

◎If you have ever learned Reiki before but still didn't get the idea about Reiki, not confident about Reiki


【ONLINE Zoom private Reiki session】

Time duration : 50mins

Session fee: HK$500

How to register: Please click the button below (English session)


If you want to learn Usui Reiki, want to perform Reiki healing, please visit our NPO Japan Reiki Association (HK).

*If you want to ask questions about Reiki, please also read Reiki Q & A.




















セッション代:HK$500 日本からは7000円(ゆうちょ銀行振込みの場合)




レイキについての質問は、こちらのReiki Q & Aもお読み下さい。



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