Features about our attunement course

Reiki is very famous now and about 1,000 million people or more in the world love to practice Reiki once people knew the benefit of Reiki. So it means many people are taking Attunement learning Reiki courses every year to get able to pass Reiki energy from their palm. Our mission is to let students become confident about what they are practicing, not to make the students who left behind in the class. Because sometimes we hear the complaints like these below;


*I couldn't feel energy after the attunement course, I am not confident about Reiki either.

*I couldn't find the right opportunities to continue my Reiki practice.

*It was very complicated and not sure what kind of Reiki course did I take.

*I feel Reiki is not accepted well from the people.

*I didn't know that Reiki was that comfortable thing, even I learnt already my self!



NPO Japan Reiki Association (HK) promise you to assist you until you master and utilize Reiki in your life.


*Provide whole Usui Reiki level 1~3, final goal is to understand and digest Usui Reiki's essence, ultimate peace of mind through Reiki.

*No online attunement course, it is insufficient, face to face course is mandatory for learning Reiki.

*Monthly Reiki Practice gathering is your needs to brush up Reiki skills and increase awareness of Reiki.

*Private Reiki Healing Session is option if you want to experience how Japanese traditional Reiki therapy approach, also good when lack of energy, increase your energy level.

*Exam and teacher training is for you if you want to become Reiki teacher from our association, we keep high standard of teaching Usui Reiki













対面での丁寧で分かりやすい説明 オンラインのアチューンメント講習は実施していません。

月々のレイキ実践会の実施 アチューンメント講習は1日のみですが、その後マスターするにはやはり実践会への出席が必須です。



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