Private Reiki Teaching Session 個人レイキ指導


This session is only for those who took Reiki Attunement Course in the past anywhere, but you are not confident to perform Reiki, who wants to ask whether your Reiki energy flow is OK or not.

If you are;

*Completed Attunement Course in the past (Any level is OK)

*Not sure what kind of Reiki course have you completed

*Not sure about energy

*Couldn't feel energy flow 


Then please make an appointment for this private Reiki teaching session, so I can check with you and suggest you what should you do next.

This session is also useful if you are not sure about what have you learned from the Reiki course, you can ask me about some questions.

But please note this session cannot cover whole content of Attunement course, please enroll our Attunement Course if you want to know more about the content from each level of the course.


Time Duration: 30mins 

Session Fee: HK$300 only

This session should be happened face to face





*過去にどこかでレイキアチューンメント講習を受講された方 (どのレベルも可)







セッション所要時間: 30分

セッション料金: HK$300




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