ONLINE Reiki Cafe for anybody オンラインレイキカフェ

You find amazing about Reiki because we can also practice and experience Reiki ONLINE! The needs to do the sessions are rising so we decided to host Reiki Cafe online! How to participate ONLINE Reiki Cafe?

Simply fill the form below and send your registration, then we would send the confirmation email and detail about how to log on to the session on the day. Participation fee is HK$100 and Reiki master would guide you how to enjoy Reiki in this session! 

You can experience self healing, distance Reiki from other Reiki practitioners participants, asking questions about Reiki, and some other talk related to Reiki.

Duration : 1 - 2 hours depends on the numbers of people

Participation Fee: HK$100 per person 







Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site