ONLINE Zoom can Reiki! 40mins group session


Zoom Can Reiki 40mins group silent session lets you practice Reiki silently at home, with listening to the guidance, you can join us with mute mode.

You may feel the difference from the one when you practice alone at home, it is perfect if you want to feel enough Reiki, when you just want to mute yourself and practice Reiki, enjoy the moment of Reiki! 


Participation Fee HK$100 per person 


Time Duration 40mins 


What do we do in this session? We will guide you how to connect to Reiki energy nicely, self heaing hands on 12 positions, other Reiki practice using your hands 


Who can attend this session? Anybody who is interested, who completed Attunement course before

Please feel the effectiveness of group Reiki session that you can actually improve much faster than the one you do alone at home!


Number of Participants: 1 - 10 people



To register this sessions, please click the "English speaking" below.







参加費:HK$100 あるいは 1000円 (クレジット決済、日本からゆうちょ銀行の場合は1000円になります、銀行振込み)













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