-NPO日本靈氣協会 香港支部 -


Usui Reiki therapy - 臼井靈氣療法 - is Japanese origin which Founder Usui Mikao discovered about 100 years ago.


Our Headquater is located in Tokyo and our seminar, healing room also locates at Osaka, Japan.

In Hong Kong, our Reiki session and class venue locates in Causeway Bay, only 1 minute walk from MTR Causeway Bay station.


We have two main program, one is 'Learn Usui Reiki' and another one is 'Receive Reiki Therapy Treatment', for anybody who has interest in Usui Reiki.


*Increase number of people who can feel 'Love, Peace of Mind, Connection, Life, Blessing' through Reiki

*Raise awareness of Reiki therapy and Support different stream Reiki Masters/Teachers widely in back ward manner

*Promote Japanese Reiki as our traditional culture

Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site