20. September 2023
“What you can see in front of you right now is how you see with your current energy condition” “Understand your own energy condition then you will be able to see the things wider and clearer” Don’t you think that sometimes you want to practice your meditation perfectly, but somehow you couldn’t focus your meditation, because you found something buzzing around your head? Even you want to focus but something is always disturbing you, it is then a good chance for you to realize and...
30. August 2023
Is Reiki helpful to charge your social battery? Your social battery is the internal energy resource that allows you to interact with others in a healthy, meaningful way. It's a mental, physical, and emotional reserve that allows us to engage in meaningful relationships and conversations with those around us. Let's start to think from how Reiki energy relate to our vitality - a strong intrinsic will to survive (natural ability to heal, self regulatory power). This will to survive and natural...
23. July 2023
Interested in learning Reiki? And how to improve your Reiki continuously after taking the Attunement course? As you maybe aware, just taking the one day course doesn’t mean you already mastered Reiki techniques. Here are some suggestions that you should do after the course. 1. Practice 21days self healing 12 basic positions 2. Practice Reiki breathing and meditation 3 Reiki on others 4.Attend group Reiki practice These points are what I basically suggest them to practice after Level 1, but...
04. July 2023
We have received quite lots of inquiries and many people are maybe just wondering, "Maybe I can just learn from the book or from online course about Reiki" Here is my suggestions and some advices from what I have experienced as Reiki teacher in past 10 years. More rooms to improve if you just learn from book or from online, check them below; 1. Reiki energy flow from the palm is not that powerful if you just learn from book or from online. 2. Some gifted or talented people's energy healing can...
09. June 2023
Let's talk about common misunderstadings about learning Reiki and get yourself motivated all the time with Reiki practice after taking the course!
07. June 2023
Are you thinking to learn Reiki but don't know where to learn Reiki? Then Reiki Cafe is the idea to come and experience first before enrolling our attunement course.
17. May 2023
I practice Reiki every day, I was able to find time to sit quietly naturally.
11. May 2023
The discussion about different type of healing techinique and Reiki features.
07. May 2023
what if you want to release your strong desires, EGO, but you cannot?
05. May 2023
What did you find with Reiki after you learnt Reiki in the course? Didn't you give up your Reiki practice because your sensation didn't have much or not confident yet about your practice?

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