17. May 2023
I practice Reiki every day, I was able to find time to sit quietly naturally.
11. May 2023
The discussion about different type of healing techinique and Reiki features.
07. May 2023
what if you want to release your strong desires, EGO, but you cannot?
05. May 2023
What did you find with Reiki after you learnt Reiki in the course? Didn't you give up your Reiki practice because your sensation didn't have much or not confident yet about your practice?
03. May 2023
Sharing some questions from one of Reiki students, what should you do next after taking the attunement course?
02. May 2023
Do you have trouble with sleep? Do you have any problem to fall asleep during the night, do you have any difficulties to sleep? Do you feel tired when you got wake up? It's perfect workshop for you if you have trouble with sleep, some experience with sleeping pills, changing better pillow, essential oils, sound healing therapy etc. Reiki therapy is only working with our hands and we won’t need any other tools, I will show you the effective & powerful and able-to-work at home from today!
Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site