Can I also help my house become full of Reiki?

There are thousands of reasons about why did you come to learn Reiki at the first time.


Here I want to share one story with you, how to heal your house with you Reiki practice.


I am not talking about exact Reiki techiniques, but I am talking about how your Reiki practice is surely and gradually influence around you.


It is possible from Level 1, using the techinique that you learnt in Level 1.




Trying self healing and Reiki breathing techinique everyday at home, helps your house absorbing more Reiki energy. Your house becomes full of Reiki energy and harmonize your house's energy flow. 


Although Reiki energy is invisible, you help your family and the objects at your house absorb Reiki energy, is the same effect like what youself gain from your Reiki practice. It is not obvious initially but if you continue your practice, intangible effect is quite visible as you will see yourself and family members become calm and peaceful with no reasons. 




I suggest you continue your Reiki practice even though if you cannot feel much Reiki at the beginning, continuous practice proof that Reiki practice that done by your hands only is such simple and powerful techinqiue which everybody can learn and practice.




Learn and practice Reiki, why not! 

Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site