Zoom Reiki ONLINE session

ONLINE Zoom Reiki sessions are available! こちらは、オンラインZoomで受けれるセッションについてご説明します。

It is not very surprising about ONLINE Reiki session as Reiki can be practiced with distance which is known as "beyond boundaries of space and time"! 


Please have a look each sessions that you can actually join the sessions remotely. 







1. 1 and 1 ONLINE Zoom Reiki Session lets you experience Reiki healing on zoom individually


Time Duration: 50mins HK$500

What to prepare for 1 and 1 session? Loose outfit is better as we may practice hands on or lie down if you want to, WIFI connection to Zoom and your curious or questions to ask



2. Zoom CAN REIKI ONLINE group 40mins session lets you experience and practice Reiki silently, you can totally join us with mute mode and follow the practice.


Time Duration: 40mins

Participation Fee: HK$100

What to prepare: WIFI connection to Zoom, loose comfortable outfit is better


3. ONLINE Zoom group Reiki practice session lets you practice more Reiki after you took Reiki Attunement courses on zoom.


Time Duration: 2 hours

Participation Fee: HK$200 

What to prepare: WIFI connection to Zoom, loose comfortable outfit is better, I will let you know if we have any for Reiki practice





セッション代:HK$500 あるいは 7000円(日本のゆうちょ銀行から振り込みの場合)



2. Zoom can Reiki レイキ40分間ミニセッション*このセッションはセッション中一切消音での参加です、静かにレイキを実践するグループセッションです。



参加費:HK$100 あるいは 1000円 (日本のゆうちょ銀行から振り込みの場合)






参加費:HK$200 あるいは 3000円(日本のゆうちょ銀行から振り込みの場合)


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