Zoom Reiki ONLINE session

ONLINE Zoom Reiki sessions are available! こちらは、オンラインZoomで受けれるセッションについてご説明します。

It is not very surprising about ONLINE Reiki session as Reiki can be practiced with distance which is known as "beyond boundaries of space and time"! 


Please have a look each sessions by clicking the menu below that you can actually join the sessions remotely. 


*Please note that there is NO ONLINE Attunement Course provided, you can receive remote, distance Reiki treatment, join group Reiki online sessions, if you want to learn Usui Reiki please take On-Site attunement course.






オンライン・遠隔によるレイキのクラス及びセッションの詳細は以下”Click to Book”をクリックしてください。


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Link to Japanese site