Reiki Therapy (Reiki Treatment) on-site 心耀堂での個人レイキセッション



 Reiki therapy is especially recommended if you have following conditions;


◎Exhausted physically and mentally 


◎Feel low energy


◎Stress, frustrations


◎Pain and Body Stiff


◎Negative emotions such as anger, worries, fear, attachment


◎Enhance your natural healing ability


◎Suffering incurable disease and want to try alternative therapy. 



What to expect during private reiki healing session?
*First lie down on massage table, with fully clothed.
*Close your eyes and relaxed
*Then reiki practitioner will lightly place the hands on various key parts of the body to pass the reiki energy.

*Massage will be applied for the parts with the stiff.
*You may feel heat or sensation of tingling where the hands are placed or through out of the body (It is normal that some people not to feel anything at all)
*After the treatment, we will discuss the energy balance

*You will also be provided instant breathing guidance and "Clearing and Tuning" process besides receiving hands on Reiki treatment on the massage table.






























For making an appointment for Private Reiki Therapy Treatment, please send the form below. Please note our opening time is 9am-7pm daily, if you are urgent you can ring us 98316058. Private Sessions are available only by appointment basis.



Is Reiki not massage? What is the difference?

Reiki therapy is mainly helping your body energy boosted, this is different from massage, lymphatic treatment or body slimming or body realignment. 

Like we charge our moible phone, our body energy will also need to be charged, that what Reiki therapy can help.


"Reiki" in Japanese means life force and the source of our vitality. 


After your body energy is filled with Reiki therapy, you may realize that 


"I feel a great relief physically and mentally"

"I think less and became very calm"


There is no such things like "I am not compative with Reiki energy", because everybody have this energy and Reiki energy is such well balanced and full of hamorny energy, it's also different from qigong or other psychic therapy






















What is the professional Reiki treatment like? 


"Private Reiki treament session was so much difference from what I experienced when I joined group Reiki practice session"


So please enjoy "metime" with our professional Reiki treatment ! 












Check Availability and Booking Menu ご予約メニュー・カレンダー

Distance - Virtual Reiki treatment Session Whole Body (50mins)


Distance - Virtual Reiki treatment Whole body session enables you receive Reiki treatment on your whole body at home safely.


1. Please choose the menu and click the button below to send your form and request the time for the appointment with Satoe

2. After the confirmation of the time, we will meet on zoom

3. Explanation and questions before the session begins

4. Lie down on your bed/sofa/comfortable chair to receive Reiki 

5. After the session, get the advice same day or next day about your energy condition and maybe the healing process will be lasting for few hours or some more days, it depends on the conditions

6. If you didn't feel anything during the session, don't worry, Reiki is still working to boost your energy flow for balance.


**Highly recommend to have virtual Reiki treatment in case if you were just out from the hospital and hard to come to the venue

**You can also discuss about the packages to have multiple sessions for further improvement













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