Reiki Therapy (Reiki Treatment)



 Reiki therapy is especially recommended if you have following conditions;


◎Mentaly exhausted


◎Feel that not energy enough


◎Having stress, frustrations


◎Relief Pain and Body Stiff


◎Release negative feeling such as anger, worries, fear, attachment


◎Enhance your natural healing ability


◎Suffering incurable disease and want to try alternative therapy. 



What to expect during private reiki healing session?
*First lie down on massage table, with fully clothed.
*Close your eyes and relaxed
*Then reiki practitioner will lightly place the hands on various key parts of the body to pass the reiki energy.

*Massage will be applied for the parts with the stiff.
*You may feel heat or sensation of tingling where the hands are placed or through out of the body (It is normal that some people not to feel anything at all)
*After the treatment, we will discuss the energy balance





























For making an appointment for Private Reiki Therapy Treatment, please send the form below. Please note our opening time is 9am-7pm daily, if you are urgent you can ring us 98316058. Private Sessions are available only by appointment basis.


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