How to regulate ourselves with Reiki?

“What you can see in front of you right now is how you see with your current energy condition”


“Understand your own energy condition then you will be able to see the things wider and clearer”



Don’t you think that sometimes you want to practice your meditation perfectly, but somehow you couldn’t focus your meditation, because you found something buzzing around your head? 


Even you want to focus but something is always disturbing you, it is then a good chance for you to realize and aware about your current condition.



It’s fine to have something blocked, something not perfect, or something that you don’t want to allow yourself during your practice, we are all emotional creature, we of course create those energy blockages any time, most important thing for you is to aware and acknowledge about that current condition.


During the practice, you gradually noticed that your sensation is changing too, maybe you start to feel more relaxed, even there was no relaxed sensation at the beginning, now your body start to relax more.


Practicing Reiki to regulate yourself, you will have more freedom to how to react about the things that happened in front of you, you will be more able to manage about how to use your body, that also related to our energy.


Don’t you want to discover more about yourself and how to practice self growth with Usui Reiki?


In our traditional Usui Reiki, there are practices about self growth and spiritual practices.


Someone says “Reiki” is magical energy that only those who has ability to do it, but I don’t believe so, Reiki is fundamental energy that everybody has from the beginning of the life, our body and mind is changing over time, we become more tight and lose the flexibility in body and mind that we originally had from the beginning, Reiki is helping us to regain and tune back to our original state. 

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Link to Japanese site