Effective way to practice meditation?

Are you a passionate meditation practitioner? I would like to tell you about the secret between Reiki practice and meditation.


People naturally notice that meditation practice is much easier after you start practicing Reiki, explain to you in detail, such thing will get ready to happen after you received the attunement in the course. Of course, your Reiki practice needs to be continuous to maximize and stabilize your energy flow after your attunement course, but usually the people would notice that their meditation practice becomes much easier than before.


Let me talk more about the secret behind. 


The secret behind Reiki and meditation is you became so easy to manage about how to relax, with receiving the assistance of energy flow by Reiki practice, so you will no longer meditate as you used to, the moment you decide to practice Reiki, it feels like meditation has begun automatically.


Your eyes are comfortably closed, you just feel so easy to focus on breathing slowly, your muscle start to relax, and easy to allow yourself that you are just in the quiet moment.


My personal experience was I hate anything like "sitting still", it is hard for me to sit in the temple and listen to the monk chanting, or even some slow movements like taiqi or yoga, that I really couldn't enjoy much, but all these experiences were no more after I learnt Reiki. I really enjoy sitting and meditate in the temple, and it could be much longer than I used to before, I even feel energized instead of draining and tiring of not moving for long time! 


If you were always in trouble to get to the meditation, like try not to think and just sitting for doing nothing, but your mind is still very active and very tiring, you should try learning Reiki! 


Do you want to get more guidance about how to learn Japanese traditional Usui Reiki? If you learn Usui Reiki, you learn how to apply hands healing on your body and others indeed, but this is not the end, our goal is about "self-perfection", it is about how to make your life better, how to increase your energy to perform better in general, how to make our life more peace and with full of happiness, lots of good things to come..! 

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