Is Reiki helpful to charge social battery?

Is Reiki helpful to charge your social battery?

Your social battery is the internal energy resource that allows you to interact with others in a healthy, meaningful way. It's a mental, physical, and emotional reserve that allows us to engage in meaningful relationships and conversations with those around us.


Let's start to think from how Reiki energy relate to our vitality - a strong intrinsic will to survive (natural ability to heal, self regulatory power). This will to survive and natural ability to heal is sutained by the vitality - Reiki energy (energy of the universe working within our body) 


Also, why is it important to be emotionally balanced and remain healthy in mind and body? 


Because when we found our muscles strained and frame askew, immunity reduced, autonomic nervous system affected and hormnal imbalanced. This adversely affects the mind and our emotional state. It fills our insides with unbalanced energy. When we are overcome by emotion such as anger, concern and worry we think unharmonious thoughts and say disagreeable things. This extends to our relationships and it becomes difficult for us to live harmoniously within society. 


Mostly we can know that how important is your energy boosted and harmonized by actual sensation with Reiki practice, we can notice our emotional changes after Reiki practice which directly affect your communication engagement with others.



Not just gain your knowledge by reading or listening about Reiki, but your actual Reiki experience will tell you more how we improvate and transform with Reiki. 



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