Let go of your Reiki energy to expand more

Do you have some thoughts that you cannot let go for long time?

It is maybe something that you cannot sleep for many nights because you want to think enough to complete your projects, we cannot stop thinking about someone because you like them or you are worried about them so much, sometimes we have many "cannot let go" thinking. 


I would like to tell you about how to solve your over-thinking, if your head hurts because you keep thinking for long time, when you started to think that even if you kept thinking about it, it wouldn't make sense.


In energy level, we experience,


"Energy starts to flow and expand more once we start to let go"



The feeling of energy flowing gives us a very pleasant and comfortable feeling.



I think some people think that letting go is like giving up or think that they shouldn't give up or be lazy, but this letting go idea is different from that.

In fact, if you came to think about this point, it means you really did a lot, or did too much about something you think for long time, so now you will even get better by letting go (stop and wait to do that).



You cannot change even you are trying to do harder? 



I would like to suggest you implement Reiki into your daily life, you'll be surprised at how smoothly things can go.




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