How to heal my migraine naturally for long term?

Reiki therapy is a Japanese original hand healing technique which founded around 100 years ago, this is gentle hands healing technique that anybody can learn and practice. Unlike other energy works which may require you to be very high-level skillful practitioner to feel the therapy effective, Usui Reiki is just simple and easy to start for anybody since there is attunement process when taking the course.


Let me share my own experience with headache, yes, I used to have bad headache - migraine that annoys me for many years, I never expect that I could heal my headache almost naturally, without taking any drugs, by my own Reiki healing practice, this happened when I was practicing Reiki on my father.


Want to imagine and know the sensation of how to heal your headache by yourself? This is really interesting part that I found something very different from ordinary drug taking or other ways to heal my headache, for example, simple rest taking.


I found my pain around my side head was like releasing some air pressure inside my head and felt like some very good flow of energy is soothing me like from top of the head to down. I think this is the real relief that I never experienced! 


I found healing head is really important these days or maybe from the very beginning when the founder of Usui Reiki therapy - Mr Usui Mikao applied mostly Reiki around head, makes very sense, because I found that it is for many people's trouble these days like our head and eyes area are extremely tiring from over-using.


Please enjoy the sensation of what massage hands cannot reach like Reiki, you may feel like the deep relaxation almost reach behind the eyes balls, or like my sensation I felt before, some air pressure is going down and soothing. 

Some of our clients found that headache was released then they noticed that they already felt asleep, sleep is also taking the very important role for our healing ability. Having enough sleep is important but I want to emphasize if you have good quality of sleep that your body is pleased to do so. 


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Satoe Sasaki

Usui Reiki Teacher / Master 

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