Usui Reiki Attunement Course



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<What is Reiki Attunement?> 


Reiki attunement is part of the process of being trained for Reiki healing.

You receive a Reiki attunement from a qualified Reiki master as part of the completion of each of the three levels of Reiki – Reiki I, II, and III.

These attunements prepare you and qualify you to perform Reiki healing. This healing can be on others, or it can be self healing. As you progress through the levels of Reiki Training, you develop your healing powers.



Usui Reiki 1st (初級)

Lecture "what is Reiki?" "Usui Reiki's History" "Self purification"

Attunement Open your reiki passage.

Course Fee: Hk$2,000 (time duration about 5hours, small size class, text book fee included)


Usui Reiki 2nd (中級)

Learn Symbols & Mantras, Distant Healing, more effective way to use

reiki, Healing to others.

Attunement 3symbols & 3mantras

Course Fee: Hk$3,000 (time duration about 5hours, small size class, text book fee included, certificate issue)



Usui Reiki 3rd (上級)

Lecture "Spritual Enhancement" "Way to AnShinRitsuMei(安心立命)", Ultimate peace of mind, road to happiness, "Lost Half", learn about essence of Usui Reiki 

Learn final 4th symbol & mantra.

Course Fee: HK$4,000(time duration about 5hours, small size class, certificate issue, text book fee included)


*The course fee is included textbook (NPO Japan Reiki Association), certificate issue for 2nd and 3rd level.

*Course time duration is normally around 5 hours.

*Usui Reiki teacher workshop (Teacher Training/Examination)

for those who completed Reiki 3rd Level and who wants to be a reiki teacher.



*For beginners, please start from 1st level. Anybody who didn't take the course before must come from 1st level.

*For those who studied outside Reiki  school can also attend the attunement course, for more detail please contact us directly.


 Please send the form below for registration, once you choose the English speaking course you will receive English textbook.











臼井式レイキ療法 初級☆ 

講習費用:HK$2,000 (約5時間、少人数制、テキスト代込み)

臼井式レイキ療法 中級☆ 

講習費用:HK$3,000 (約5時間、少人数制、修了書代・テキスト代込み)

臼井式レイキ療法 上級☆ 

講習費用:HK$4,000 (約5時間、少人数制、修了書代・テキスト代込み)







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