Group Reiki Practice session レイキ練習会

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It is hard to say you have mastered Usui Reiki very well just right after the 1 day attunement course. Because practicing Reiki is like driving, we know that we have to continue driving more to feel confident about driving after you got the license.

很難說您剛剛在 1 天的臼井靈授課程之後就掌握了臼井靈氣。因為練習 Reiki 就像開車一樣,我們知道我們必須繼續駕駛更多,才能在獲得駕照後對駕駛充滿信心。


*We suggest you to attend at least 2-3 times of group practice sessions after you completed 1st attunement course.



We are holding monthly group Reiki practice sessions for those who completed Reiki Attunement Course.

It is good idea to raise your Reiki energy flow in your body by attending this group practice session monthly.

Why do we want to recommend these group Reiki practice sessions?

Because we often hear the Reiki students opinions something like these below;


我們每月為完成臼井靈授課程的學生舉辦 Reiki 集體練習課程。






*I received attunement course, but rarely try Reiki to other people so I don't remember how can I apply Reiki any more.

*So many things I learned from the course but I don't have chance to practice all of them.

*I want to know how the other Reiki students practice Reiki, but I don't have any chance before..






And also we have lots of positive feedback for group Reiki practice sessions after they attended group sessions,



*I thought practicing is something like training seriously, but actually I really felt I got healed my self from practice. I felt very calm and comfortable!

*I attended Reiki practice sessions, not only I could brush up my Reiki skills but I could also solve my personal problem!

*Originally I want to cancel the group practice sessions, because I didn't feel well at that day, but I recovered after attending Reiki practice as well! I noticed this is because I could improve my energy level by practicing Reiki.

*It was good that I feel confidence now about Reiki and distance healing.








So why not practice Reiki?



*What can I get benefit from group Reiki practice?

-You can receive advice from Reiki teacher
-You are supported to change your self from 'not practicing Reiki often' to 'can apply Reiki easily!'
-You will know/feel the energy more clearly
-You can receive attunement (Short-attunement) again (It is good to clear up your Reiki energy passage)

-You can also receive healing so you will feel less stress/calm and comfortable




- 你可以得到靈氣老師的建議





































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