Reiki heals my skin burn

Have you tried painful and disgusting blisters on your skin after the serious burn?

In Japanese, there is a word called "te o ku re"(手遅れ or ておくれ), it means that the hands shouldn't be too late to give healing. I really learnt this lesson through my own Reiki practice experience.


Long before when I burn my skin in the kitchen, because I didn't want to stop cooking, so I ignored the burn and continued cooking, then I only treated my painful and irritable skin by burn after 30mins or an hour later, after my cooking finished. Then see, I got the very bad blister on my hand which bothered me more than a week! 


So I applied Reiki immidiately right after my burn in the second time, and I also use the water to cleanse and cool down my skin immidiately. I stopped my cooking and sat down on the sofa for about 15mins for Reiki, actually I experienced that the pain from around the burn increased right after my Reiki energy started flowing, and it even made me think that maybe this would be the very bad serious burn that I may need to go to the hospital! 


However, next day when I woke up, there was no blister at all, just slight red skin around the affected area, which I found it amazing! 


It is really right, about ておくれ(手遅れ)or te-o-ku-re in Japanese is meaning, normally it means that it's too late to see a doctor (so you won't cure completely or dying), you have to find the treatment as soon as possible when your body (or object) need some fixing or healing, I also learnt that even Reiki becomes more effective if you got injured, if you found something wrong with the body, the best solution for your Reiki practice, is don't wait and apply immieidately! 

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