Q. How can I know if my Reiki is working properly?


Many Reiki students who took attunement course already usually have lots of doubt and most frequent question was "is my Reiki really effective now?"


There are different sensations when pracitcing Reiki, different thoughts about practicing Reiki, don't you want to know if your Reiki is effective and you can give enough Reiki to others?



Check and do following;


1. Do you feel relaxed and calm when you are practicing Reiki? 


2. Are you still thinking about your hands sensation? or do you think you have to be sensitive enough about other's energy so you can be a skillful Reiki practitioner?


Sometimes I have bumped those who are very curious about the sensation and about people's energy, but unfortunately I couldn't feel much Reiki flow from their palm. 

If this case applies to your case, yes you are able to read and scan people's energy, but you are not really commiting healing (help to boost the energy) yet to others.


Did you forget about Reiki principle? Have you learnt what is Reiki's principle?


First Reiki goes to you (Reiki giver) then goes to others second (receiver).


My suggestion is that if you have a strong desire that you want to be a skillful and powerful Reiki practitoner, leave those thoughts aside, and come more to our group Reiki practice after your attunement course and allow yourself to receive more Reiki. Sometimes you are not aware about this strong desire, actually almost everybody has this EGO at the first time, because it's so natural for humans, so don't mind if you have it.



Everybody has potential and Reiki is really simple technique that you don't need most of the knowledge you have ever leanrt before in order to perform Reiki.



Let's try and look forward to seeing you there soon! 




Satoe Sasaki

Usui Reiki Teacher 

NPO Japan Reiki Association Hong Kong Chapter

日本靈氣協会 香港支部 笹木里絵

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