Tell me your Reiki story - 學習靈氣之後

What did you find after you laernt Reiki in the course?


Most common misunderstanding among Reiki students was assumption that you thought that Reiki was just it, but I want to say wait! Maybe you will have more discoveries and further improvements if you continue, because this is how I found and what I got with Reiki practice in the past 10 years.


I listened to Augustin, who is one of Reiki student, he said he initially was not sensitive even he completed all 3 levels of attunement course, but what he got helped was to attend group practice sessions continiously, then his changes started to happen gradually.


Learn and practice Reiki for further improvement is not because you are talented, but simply depends on how many times have you put for your practice. 


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Why are you still waiting for? It's time for you to feel and experience more and further improvements! 



Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site