Reiki - heal yourself first then heal others - 先治愈自己


Realize or not, if we practice Reiki, usually we experience emotionally balanced, for example when you feel like your emotion up and down, but mostly you will feel very stable and peaceful after Reiki practice, you maybe naturally find yourself being grateful without any reason, (you don't have to look for why you feel grateful? but you just can feel grateful).


Although Reiki is helpful as a healing technique, but you could know and experience about your emotional changes, if you have suppressed some negative emotions in the past, you may feel like your angers suddenly shown up in front of you and just cannot suppress it any more, but this maybe also the healing process in your emotional level which is needed to happen for better energy (emotional) flow.


When your mind stick to the one side, you tried Reiki and you realize that you are already half way through changing in your thinking or in your attitude, sometime even you didn't notice that was happening! 


It is sure better you are aware of your changing, and if you noticed about your energy is unstable flow then you go back to practice and balance your energy again any time.


Someone maybe want to raise up hands and tell me saying like "I am trying but I rarely feel the improvement or changes", then please try diving into our group Reiki practice, yes I want to say "dive into.." otherwise "soak enough"..with Reiki.


Group Reiki practice is powerful than the one when you practice Reiki alone, because Reiki energy flow amount is bigger in the group. so you will see significant changes and improvements.


Practice Reiki as if you were imprinting it into your subconscious mind, imprint enough so it will be the change. 


Besides every day Reiki practice or joining group Reiki, participating the next level Usui Reiki is also the one to give you changes, because it also helps you enlarge your Reiki energy passage, so look forward to it!




Satoe Sasaki

Usui Reiki Teacher 

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