Why there is no online attunement course available?

There are so many different healing modalities now a days which sometimes confuses people, especially when you think about something that you want to learn and practice, additionally because there are so many choices on the internet, it all looks like perfect and nice course you can take online for example, is it really easy to get the skills just by learning the course online? 

Probably some yes possible, but for learning Reiki, absolutely no, imagine that you learn how to drive just with online course, it is the same thing with Reiki. 


On-site attunement course and face to face practice is needed for beginners and I suggest you may start online practice too later time. 



Sometimes it is easily misunderstood too that Reiki healing techinique is about reading and scanning energy / chakra only, of course not, to be a Reiki practitioner, your Reiki flow from your palm need to be sufficient so you can practice Reiki effectively. 



To make your Reiki flow sufficient from your palm, highly recommend to take attunement course face to face. 


If you are not sure where to learn Reiki, please check following points;


1. If you could meet or talk to the teacher before signing up the course.


2. If your teacher can show the course fee and course content cleary, you should know it before signing up the course.


3.It's better not to take all levels by one day or only short period of the time. (Because it's impossible to digest all levels content by one day or short period of the time)


4. If your teacher is available to answer your questions about Reiki and about your Reiki skills after the course


5.If you teacher is providing you more opportunities to practice Reiki after attunement course




Hope this information helps and please also contact us if you have further questions! 




Satoe Sasaki

Usui Reiki Teacher 



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