Reiki heals my emotion 靈氣治愈我的情緒

1. Why did you decide to study Reiki?


Originally, I took a course called "Animal Communication", which was a skill to be able to communicate with pets. Just when I wanted to learn, I came across Reiki.



2. How has Reiki helped you after learning it? 



After learning Reiki, I realized that my own emotions have become much calmer. Originally, I was the type of person who hates to stay put,  easily lost temper. Also, since I practice Reiki every day, I was able to find time to sit quietly naturally.


3. Was it helpful to attend the group practice session after the attunement class?



In fact, even after taking the Reiki Attunement course, I still didn't know how to feel the energy. Therefore, I was not confident about the Reiki that I was doing, and I still had doubts when I practiced Reiki for others. However, by participating in group practice sessions, I gradually came to understand the sense of energy, and became very aware of the environment around me and myself. In that way, my confidence in the technique of Reiki increased, and I was able to perform Reiki on myself and others without hesitation.



4. What else has changed since you started practicing Reiki?




My personality is impatient by nature, and I have a habit of wanting to get things done as soon as possible. After I started doing it, it became easier for me to relax, and I was definitely less stressed about work. I am much less irritated, and I can spend more time calmly, but I still get irritated when someone says something to me. I am now able to reconsider my attitude. I think this is one of the areas where Reiki has changed me more.



5. Did others notice your changes?




Yes, my friends have also noticed these emotional shifts in me. I was a very stubborn and strict person, and I was the type of person who couldn't change what I said once, but I was told that I had changed a lot recently and had become more generous.




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