Join Reiki Cafe before enrolling the attunement course

Were you really fine that suddenly you enrolled learning Reiki in Reiki Attunement course without knowking who and where and what kind of atmosphere in that school? 


Reiki Cafe is the good option to come first before you are enrolling where to learn Reiki. 


Reiki Cafe is for those;


*who wants to know more about Reiki


*who wants to practice hands on Reiki after received the attunement


*who wants to receive Reiki healing


You can also ask us about your questions, any concern before taking the course. 

Most important thing is to know who are you learning from, and how we practice Reiki. 


Of course you can drop the message when you are signing up Reiki Cafe, you can also drop the questions together as well.



To check next Reiki Cafe schedule, please click HERE.




Reiki Cafe 是您報名學習靈氣之前先來的不錯選擇。




誰適合Reiki Cafe;






















當然你可以在報名Reiki Cafe的時候drop message。



要查看下一個 Reiki Cafe 時間表,請單擊此處。

Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site