Why should we learn Reiki to perform Reiki nicely?

We have received quite lots of inquiries and many people are maybe just wondering,


"Maybe I can just learn from the book or from online course about Reiki"



Here is my suggestions and some advices from what I have experienced as Reiki teacher in past 10 years. 


More rooms to improve if you just learn from book or from online, check them below;


1. Reiki energy flow from the palm is not that powerful if you just learn from book or from online.


2. Some gifted or talented people's energy healing can be powerful sometimes but they also suffer "losing energy" after healing on others so usually they need time to recharge and energy protection.


3.Without good understanding of Usui Reiki, you are still not sure about what kind of energy are you really connecting to.

This will affect your energy flow as well, the course should have good lecture apart from attunement and practical session 


4. Even the person did Reiki practice, rarely have relaxed and clam mind and grounded body energy after the practice 



In order to master Usui Reiki, we would like to suggest you;


1. Please contact or book a session with Reiki teacher and school before signing up the course if you don't know who and where and how they teach you Usui Reiki 


2. Not recommended the course something like one day course to teach you up to Reiki master level 


3. Not recommended if the school didn't cleary show what to learn in the course about Usui Reiki, how much does it cost


4. You should choose the school which provide you lots of practice opportunity chance after your attunement course, group practice is essential for the students to improve their Reiki.


5. The best to learn Reiki with on-site attunement course, online course is hard for beginners to understand and feel energy. 




Please book a session or private Reiki treatment or Reiki Cafe or other related introductionary course before you signing up our course.




Reiki Cafe 


Private Reiki Treatment Session 


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