What to do after taking Attunement course ? 臼井靈氣小組練習

Interested in learning Reiki? And how to improve your Reiki continuously after taking the Attunement course? 
As you maybe aware, just taking the one day course doesn’t mean you already mastered Reiki techniques.


Here are some suggestions that you should do after the course.



1. Practice 21days self healing 12 basic positions 

2. Practice Reiki breathing and meditation 

3 Reiki on others 

4.Attend group Reiki practice 


These points are what I basically suggest them to practice after Level 1, but most common question or concern from the Level 1 students is 


“I don’t feel much, can I still practice Reiki?”

”I felt a lot during the course, but now I feel less and cannot find the time to practice Reiki” 


Most important thing for especially beginners, (mostly Level 1 students but if you just started practiced Reiki, less than 1 year experience, or not much practice done since your course then no matter what your level you are now)



“Know that Reiki is still flowing with you even you couldn’t feel much”



Can sense Reiki or not really about talented or not talented, for example, can you taste the food when you eat? Can’t you tell if the food is tasty or not? It’s like someone cannot tell the different taste maybe the one don’t like to eat much.


Sensing energy is the same thing, usually people don’t know much taste difference when they are baby, because their sense of taste still not fully developed, so do you think what you need to do in order to sense more different kinds of taste? You should taste more kinds, correct?


So please try more and practice even you don’t feel much at the beginning, do you still remember how you start practicing Reiki like what you did in the course?


It is probably boring for you to practice Reiki by yourself for long time, and since it’s so nice that you can get the feedback about your Reiki practice in the group Reiki, from teacher point of view, if you want to make further improvement for your Reiki is depends on whether you are attending group Reiki practice or not after the Attunement course.



Another benefits of attending group Reiki practice is that you can received the short-Attunement again in the session. This short-Attunement is like maintain your Reiki passage, as a Reiki practitioner, we want to receive time to time to re-align your Reiki passage. Usually one time Attunement is just needed to open your Reiki passage, but we still want to maintain our Reiki passage sometimes after receiving Attunement in the course, this is the suggestion about how to enhance and empower your Reiki after your Attunement course. 



Finally if you are bit tired, or don’t know what to do with Reiki, then don’t think too much just join our session to receive more Reiki first! 


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Link to Japanese site