Half Day workshop - Reiki for emotional healing -靈氣療癒情緒


Want to know and learn more about how Reiki is helpful for our emotional healing?

Sometimes we trap into too much anger, worries, anxiety, depression, isn't it great to know how you can help yourself and others?



Date: Sunday 23rd June, at 1 - 4 pm       


Where: Shine Body & Soul Healing Center


Contents: Experience and practice Reiki (healing modalities with hands), Reiki breathing and meditation, sharing the stories of how does Reiki work with us for emotional healing


**Sometimes we are lying down and sitting down on the floor to practice or receive Reiki healing. If you have problems of the legs or back, please let me know.


Who can join: Reiki practitioners and non-Reiki practitioners, someone who are keen to help self and others for emotional healing, other related healthcare professional


Participation Fee: HK$500


Registration: Please click the button below for register



Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site