Was your Reiki enabled once you received Reiki's attunement?收到靈授後,您的靈氣是否已啟用?

If you have received Reiki's attunement before but still not satisfy what you have learnt and how to practice Reiki?

Actually it's hard to say "you have mastered Reiki practice because you already completed the attunement course".


I would like to share the main 3 reasons why you don't feel much improvement yet after taking the attunement course;


1. You just didn’t know that you have to continue your Reiki practice after the attuneemnt course



Maybe you were told or saw some phrase that attunement is powerful, so you don’t need practice, you are convinced that Reiki practice after the course is not that important as taking attunement course.

Receiving attunement is necessary in order to start Reiki practice, but it doesn’t mean you mastered Reiki practice.

Your just got ready to start your Reiki practice after receiving attunement.

Like sports or driving, in order to master the skill, practice is needed, so does Reiki!

2. You just couldn’t have any Reiki practice chance after taking the attunenet course



Unfortunately it’s hard to say you mastered Reiki, by just taking one day Attunement course. 
Normally people start to discover and improvement more after attending 6 to 10 times of group Reiki practice, you really could feel the difference from the beginning.

3. You gave up because you didn’t know and couldn’t feel energy after taking the attunement course



Maybe you expect to feel something after taking the attunement course, but you still couldn’t feel, then you think that maybe “I was not talented to learn and practice Reiki”

But wait, didn’t you just start? It’s too early and it’s also wasting to give up so quickly even you have invested in learning Reiki, right? 
And I think maybe you never tried group Reiki practice correct? Or just attended one or twice only? 

Yes definitely the amount of Reiki practice is too little.



Our school is welcoming Usui Reiki students who learnt and received attunement in the different Usui Reiki school, please contact us first if you want to join us and practice together.




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