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Yoko Tsuji,  President of NPO Japan Reiki Association (Japan) 辻耀子 NPO日本レイキ協会 理事長


At the age of 25, Yoko became terminally ill.  The doctors gave her only half a year ...

During this time, she came across Usui Reiki.  Most of the Reiki practitioners were practicing the Western-style Usui Reiki in Japan and therefore acquired the first and the second degree of this Western-style method and started treating herself diligently.  Interestingly, all through her self-healing, she did not feel any vibrations, therefore she was ready to quit Reiki. 

Then,  six months passed.  And at the age of 28 she found out that she was completely cured of the disease!

She decides to pursue counselling  and returns with full zest to Usui Reiki at the age of 30.  She then continues to study traditional Reiki with Hyakuten Sensei and later Doi Sensei under whom she is attuned.  Doi Sensei and Hyakuten Sensei are the two leading Masters of Usui Reiki in Japan.

Aside from her responsibilities as the President of the Japan Reiki Association (NPO), Yoko is occupied with her own business.  She continues to practice Reiki in her profession as a psychological counselor and instructor at her Psychological Analysis School.


She is a Registered Medical Practitioner (Indian Board of Alternative Medicine ) and of course holds the Shihan (Teacher's Degree).

Satoe Sasaki, Chapter Manager of NPO Japan Reiki Association (Hong Kong)  笹木里絵 NPO日本レイキ協会香港支部 支部長



Born in Tokyo, live in HK over the decades after her marriage, live with her Chinese husband and 2 kids, 2 cats, she says that her life has been very interesting and wonderful but it took her several years to feel happiness in her life.

Without her encounter with Reiki, maybe her life was totally different that she still regrets her father's death and her marriage and continuous challenging life in Hong Kong..


She believes every people life is so different and very unique, with Reiki, we all can increase our potential to make our life more meaningful and maximize the happiness.


She gave Reiki talk at Cancer Funds in 2013 and Can Survive in 2014 following by series of Reiki volunteer activities with elderly and homeless in Hong Kong. She became a Reiki Shihan in 2010 from NPO Japan Reiki Association.


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