Zoom Reiki ONLINE session

ONLINE Zoom Reiki sessions are available! こちらは、オンラインZoomで受けれるセッションについてご説明します。

It is not very surprising about ONLINE Reiki session as Reiki can be practiced with distance which is known as "beyond boundaries of space and time"! 


Please have a look each sessions that you can actually join the sessions remotely. 
















1. 1 and 1 ONLINE Zoom Private Reiki Session


2. Zoom Reiki experience & practice healing group Session for anybody


3. Zoom Symbols and Mantras group Reiki practice session for 2nd Level or above Usui Reiki


4. Zoom How to feel Reiki energy - HIBIKI group Reiki practice session for 1st Level or above Usui Reiki



Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site