Reiki Teacher Training

**You must pass our writing/practical exam before you take this Reiki teacher training.**

We try our best to produce high level standard Reiki teachers, so our exam is very hard and you must mark 90 points or above to pass this exam.

Who is Usui Reiki Teacher?

Usui Reiki teacher is the guide who provides Usui Reiki attunement & lectures to those who wants to know and learn Usui Reiki. Sometimes it is also called Reiki Master.

In our association, we define Usui Reiki Teacher as  'People who assist people to enlighten their life through Reiki'. People who are very passionate about this job to assist people to enlighten ones life and they are also very passionate about their own life towards self growth at the same time. Such people are suitable to become a Reiki teacher.


'I love Reiki very much!', 'I am very grateful to know Reiki', 'If I have chance I want to let people know about this Reiki', 'I want to share this joy to someone who wants to know too', 'Those who suffer isolation, give them peace and love, those who suffer lack of energy, boost them energy'.


If you are very serious to wish like that way like above, you are exactly the person to become a Reiki teacher!














Our association is very serious to produce 'Full of Contents' teachers not 'just certified' teachers.



Q.  What can I expect if I became a Reiki teacher?


You will have many people who want to learn Reiki from you!

If you feel it is too early for me, but don't worry! Please reply them 'Yes I can!', Just go with the flow when chances come to you.


Q. What is the benefit if I become a certified Reiki teacher authorized by NPO Japan Reiki Association?


You are entitled to utilize our follow-up system so you can start Reiki teacher's job without worries.

You can fully utilize this opportunities until you feel confidence enough to teach Reiki someone. 

You may have a chance to work together within our association occasionally.


Usui Reiki Teacher Training ...   HK$13,900 (Duration around half year, depends on the time arrangement)

臼井レイキ師範研修... 13,900香港ドル(期間は半年程度、お時間のアレンジにより異なります),

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