Reiki Therapist Course for advance Reiki practitioner

Reiki therapist Course to become a reliable Reiki therapist



The needs of providing professional Reiki treatment sessions are rising and since you have learnt Japanese traditional Usui Reiki, have you ever wondered what is the Reiki private treatment session like?

Just completed your attunement courses and attended several times of group Reiki still doesn't show enough that you are providing the professional Reiki sessions to the clients, in this course you will learn more details about how to provide and be more confident as a practical / actual Reiki professional therapist.


This course is open for Level 2 or above Usui Reiki practitioner who completed the course before with NPO Japan Reiki Association Hong Kong Chapter. The course is very practical, you will get more chance to experience and practice how to give the professional Reiki treatment session to the clients.


To become a professional Reiki therapist, you should take the advance Reiki therapist course (Professional Level, which will open fall in 2024).


Yes you most likely get the benefits by taking this course, if you are;


◎I want to open professional Reiki private treatment session to the clients near future

◎I also want to take teacher training in the near future

◎Currently I am working with another therapy for the clients, and wondering how I could apply Reiki to my session 

◎I want to do Reiki related job in the future


◎I want to be more confident about Reiki hands on healing technique after course and give Reiki on family or friends


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Link to Japanese site