Please answer following questions, if you have 8 YES or more with those questions, you are almost pass the Reiki exam!

*Can you explain where do you like Reiki the most to people? Yes    /      No

*Have you told that "you are pracitcing Reiki" or "you are learning Reiki" to someone?

Yes    /      No
*Have you provided Reiki healing on someone except your family members or closed friends before? Yes    /      No 
*Have you explained about Reiki to someone who don't know Reiki at all? Yes    /      No
*Have you experienced that you felt HIBIKI and told receiver about HIBIKI that how you felt? Yes    /      No
*Can you tell your story that you changed a lot from practicing Reiki? Yes    /      No
*Can you answer quickly what the difference between 'Reiki Therapy(レイキ療法)' from 'Reiki Method (レイキ法)'? Yes    /      No
*Can you feel the difference between each symbols? Yes    /      No
*Are there more than 3 person whom you were told  that they want to learn Reiki from you if you became Reiki teacher? Yes    /      No

*Can you quickly answer 5 features from 11 Reiki features?

Yes    /      No

*Have you attended group Reiki practice sessions (6 times in total before Reiki teacher training is ideal) after your attunement course? 

Yes    /      No
If you could answer more than 8 questions Yes, you can come Reiki exam and Reiki teacher training immediately! 
(Reiki teacher training is only open for those who passed our exam both writing and practical, please apply exam first.)
Please also go to 'Collect Reiki healing samples' page to get the form for collecting 15 Reiki healing samples.

Detail about Usui Reiki Teacher Training is below;

Link to Japanese site
Link to Japanese site